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Today 1982 @falklands_utd see you soon #Pompey
Tweeted 16 minutes ago by scanoo33
Happy birthday you beautiful thing ! #Pompey
Tweeted 22 minutes ago by pompey_sam
My friend Ben has been creating face masks to help QA Hospital and the NHS ! Huge thanks to @pn_neil_allen for passing this on and getting a positive news story shared ! #Pompey #NHS #QAHospital #COVID19
Tweeted 22 minutes ago by X_LindseyLou_X
Love a trip to #Pompey #drfc
Tweeted 25 minutes ago by neilmarshall67
Suspect the majority were from #Pompey. Shameful
Tweeted 25 minutes ago by NigeC28
💙 Thanks for your time Pedro, and thank you for all of your questions! #Pompey
Tweeted 35 minutes ago by Pompey
Quality! One of my fave #pompey goals ever. 👍😎
Tweeted 39 minutes ago by colinfarmery
Jus going through some old photos. Found one before the #WBA game in 05 when “we sent the scummers down” everyone singing come on West Brom & Chalky, let one in. Such a surreal/amazing day celebrating with baggies fans when they scored & at the end on the pitch.Good times #Pompey
Tweeted 48 minutes ago by DanShawPFC
Feeling a bit sad that #Pompey aren't 27mins into the cup final? Watching season 2 episode 5 of this and laughing at all the #sunderland #safc fans instead will improve that mood no end.
Tweeted 49 minutes ago by daveydwyer
🔵 Later than billed, but worth the wait! ⬇️ Here are the answers to Pedro's Q&A #Pompey
Tweeted an hour ago by Pompey

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